zondag 2 mei 2021

Bookreview: From Gaudi's City to Granada's Red Place

 "What an amazing travel memoir"


Undeterred by a serious health scare, the incorrigible Elizabeth, her sister and a close
friend have already ventured to Europe. When their trip ended in Barcelona, the 
sisters vowed to return and resume their adventures, inviting a mutual friend to 
complete the trio. Now their travel wish-list includes some of Spain's major cities
and a little slice of Portugal. Once again you are invited on their journey and raise
a glass or two as they sample the tastes, sights and sounds that the Iberian 
Peninsula offers.

My Review

Reading a book from EJ Bauer always is a fantastic way to spend some time and
dream away about sunny holiday destinations. Again it gave me new travel inspiration
which I'm going to explore in the next years. 

The book is a fantastic mix of storytelling and dialogues. I really enjoyed the
adventures she and two companions had on such amazing places. I also liked her 
writing style very much. It's clear, easy reading and relaxing. 

I would recommend without no doubt From Gaudi's city to Granada's Red Place to
anyone who likes to travel to Spain. 

I would like to give this fantastic travel memoir a 5*rating! Hopefully EJ Bauer will
write more travel memoirs!

The author

EJ Bauer, Elizabeth was born in Queensland, Australia and she lived her first 12
years in the country. Her family moved to Brisbane and she graduated from university
with a degree in speech pathology. She accepted a position at a large regional
hospital in New South Wales and she is still living in the area over 40 years later.

She is married, has two children and five grandchildren. She has a cat named Lucy. 
EJ Bauer was diagnosed with cancer. After her treatment, she started to travel to 
Europe and North America. 

We Love Memoirs

I received a free copy of this amazing memoir from the We love Memoirs Group,
the friendliest group of Facebook!

vrijdag 30 april 2021

Bookreview: Unparalleled


"What an exciting science fiction story!"


Waking up in a strange house, with no memory of how or why he is there,
Stuart Milton finds his life has changed beyond recognition. His pregnant 
wife is missing, but his only living relative, his brother, is incapable of 
substantiating his claim.

Lost in a world of confusing that is spiralling out of his control, Stuart finds
temporary salvation in a psychiatrist assigned to his case.

This enthralling journey takes Stuart to the edge of sanity, culminating in
an unparalleled climax of kidnapping, betrayal and murder. 

My Review

When I started reading Unparalleled I was immediately into the story and I really
wanted to know what would come next.

The characters are all deepened out very well, the science fiction story is written
with lots of twist and mystery. I absolutely enjoyed reading.

Unparalleled makes the impossible possible and it takes the reader on a journey
during the existential crisis of the main character. 

I certainly will recommend Unparalleled to everybody who loves science fiction
stories. I give with lots of pleasure a five star rating to this excellent book!

I hope there will be a sequel soon!

The Author

D.S. Smith was born in Bolton, England. At the age of 20 he joined the RAF
embarking on a career that spanned nine years. Following this he took a
degree in Biological Sciences and spent 7 years at the Natural History Museum
in London where he worked as Scientific Officer. 

The amazing people he has met and the places he has visited throughout his life
are a major inspiration for his writing. 

About the book

Unparalleled is the first novel of D.S. Smith, it reached number 1 on Amazon's 
bestseller list for SciFi. In August 2019 it received the Discovered Novel Award. 

Thank you!

I received a free copy of Unparalleled via BookTasters and the author! Thank you
very much!!!