Monday 8 April 2024


informative book

HEAL! Wholeistic Practices to Help Clear
Your Trauma, Heal Yourself,
and Live Your Best Life

written by dr. Randall S. Hansen

My review

In "HEAL! Wholeistic Practices," Dr. Randall delivers a compassionate
and insightful exploration into the journey of healing from trauma.
With expertise and empathy, Dr. Randall offers readers a roadmap to
navigate their own paths towards healing, empowerment, and living
their best lives.

I liked the way Dr. Randall writes and thinks. His book is built up very
well and is so informative.

Overall, "HEAL! Wholeistic Practices" is a profound and empowering
resource for anyone seeking to embark on a journey of self-discovery,
healing, and personal growth. With its compassionate guidance,
practical tools, and transformative insights, this book serves as a
beacon of hope for those ready to embrace their inherent capacity for
healing and live their best lives.

Without any doubt I give a 5 star rating to this book.


I want to thank booktasters and the author as well for providing me a 
free copy, in return of my honest review, which I did. I'm sorry that it
took a while (due to work) for reading and reviewing.  

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Thursday 22 February 2024

Slay Bells Ring: The Rise of the Banner Elk Slayers

An enjoyable read

My review

Due to work and some travels I read a christmas horror book with delay in 

However, I enjoyed it very much. It was written very well with a good sense
of humor.

Did I say the characters were great too?

Normally I don't like horror themed stories, but this one was a fantastic read.
So, without a doubt I give 5 stars for this book. 

Ps. Although it is a Christmas themed book, don't hesitate to read it during
other periods of the year!


As always I want to thank booktasters for their patience and for providing me
a free copy in return of my honest review, which I did.

I also want to thank S. David Acuff, the author, as well for sending me the
free copy.