vrijdag 18 november 2022

The product launch checklist

A must read guide

My review

Marketing always have interested me a lot. That's why I read
and reviewed this book before my other reads. 

I enjoyed the book the product launch written by Dominic Frúges, 
because it offered a wide range of topics and tips about how to
launch a product. I also found the to do lists and the check lists
in the book very handy. 

It is clear that the author has lots of experience in this topic. So,
the book is an absolute must read guide for everyone who
is interesting in launching a product.

Of course I give a 5 star for the product launch.


I want to thank Booktasters and the author, Dominic Frúges
as well for providing me a free copy, in return for my honest 
review, which I did. 

The book "The product launch" was published August 28, 2022. 

dinsdag 15 november 2022

Wellness Wellplayed - The power of a playlist

It was fun to read this book.


Music is powerful. The right song at the right time can make you smile,
cry, dance, or breathe a contented “ah.” 

In Wellness, Wellplayed, music therapist Jennifer Buchanan shows us
how to develop and use music playlists with purpose, as a bridge
to something deeper within ourselves—and a way to address our
human need to feel, create, and connect.

It has 152 pages, Paperback

Wellness Wellplayed was published September 10, 2021

My review

It was fun to read this wonderful book! It's a splendid mix between
sciences and personal stories. 

The book gives new views about how to use music well. I think I'll
listen to some playlists now :-)

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this book and I would recommend this
to all people who love music.

I give a 5 star rating for this pleasure read.


I want to thank Booktasters and the author Jennifer Buchanan for
providing me a free copy in return for my honest review
which I did.