zondag 17 januari 2021

Bookreview: One

 written by Carolyn M. Bowen

"I couldn't stop reading until I knew the end"


Expect to be blown away by Carolyn Bowen's newest thriller in the
Sydney Jones Series One.

Sydney returns in this gripping thriller that sends her into a chilling 
tailspin when enemies attack with  vengeance. Will her desire for
answers about her ex-military former love be her undoing or will the
hand of fate set her free to live and love again?

Sydney needed time to reflect on her lover and son's father's death.
She'd never learned the reason he disappeared years earlier when she
wanted him to fight for justice when charged with the Rockstar
Roxanne's murder. 

She and David, her son, returned to Barbados for their summer vacation.
What she didn't know was the island would become the melting pot for 
unsavory characters out for blood and the unraveling of dark secrets from
her past. 

My Review

One is a thriller and that's what I felt from page one. I was keen to know
the end of the story. So, it's a page turner.
You won't stop until you know the end. 😊

Although this book is a part of a series it easily can be read as a stand alone,
just as I did. It was written very well and very fluently.

I also like the characters, they were certainly deepened out! The setting 
was amazing too. 

To conclude: I recommend this book to people who like thrillers.
I  want to give the book a five star rating! 

The Author

Carolyn Bowen is a mystery author who calls on her life escapades and
an adventurous imaginative spirit to inspire and entertain. Bowen uses
travel as a muse to explore cultures and dialogue to bring her stories to

To read more about her, check her website on this link

I received a free copy from the author to read and review this wonderful
book. The author was very correct and I hope to read more books from

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donderdag 14 januari 2021

Bookreview: 20/20 Vision

 written by Alexandra Tendler

"Nice poems."


20/20 Vision is a collection of poetry about love, travel and self growth.
It's a love poem to the past, a sealed letter to the future and a reflection on
this moment now and the beautiful unpredictability of what could be. 

Especially during the uncertainty of your 20's, these poems touch on 
all the heartache, self discovery, and exploraratory desires to see the 
world and find your niche. The path ahead or behind may not always
be clear, but there is always beauty to be found if we look hard enough.

It's what makes each of our perspectives uniquely 20/20

My Review

I really enjoyed reading 20/20 Vision. The writing style and the poems
were wonderful. However in this small book, there were many subjects
and there was a bit a lack of structure. 

Therefore I would like to give the book a 4 star rating. 


First of all: I've received a free copy by BookSirens. Thank you very much! 

Source picture: book covers