zaterdag 30 juli 2022

The Lighthouse at Montauk Point and Other Stories

 Fantastic collection of short stories

It was a fantastic collection of short stories which were absolutely nice tales.
The characters were pointed out very well and I enjoyed the stories much.

If you like short stories don't hesitate to read this book!

Without a doubt I give a 5 star rating for "The Lighthouse at Montauk
Point and Other Stories".

The book contains 80 pages.


I want to thank Booktasters and the author R. David Fulcher as well for 
providing me a free copy in return for my honest review which I did.

dinsdag 26 juli 2022

Fearghus Academy: October Jewels

What a fantastic summer read!


Fearghus Academy: October Jewels was a very interesting book to read. I
enjoyed the characters (the family) as well as the tensions and the plots.

There are even time switches and the characters are coming from over the

It was a fantastic summer read and I recommend it to people who like to
read Fantasy adventures books (ages between 6 to 12).

The book was released on 26 May 2020 and it contains 356 pages. 

I give of course a 5* rating because I enjoyed it very much. 

The author

I.O. Scheffer (2000 -) is the proud father of a one-eyed dog named Mr. Rogers.
He is attending Miami University as a Creative Writing major, and spends
his free time making music and/or crafting worlds and writing them out
on his PC.


I want to thank Booktasters and the author for providing me a free copy in
return of my honest review, which I did. 

zaterdag 16 juli 2022

The Game With no Name

 A lot of suspense!

My review

It's a very good point, I didn't realise this book is part of a series. But since I've
read "The Game With No Name", I defenitely wanted to read more books of the 

I liked the cover very much, as well as the plot and the family. There is a lot
of suspense and even a twist.

I would recommend this book for all who like to read adventurous stories.

Without a doubt I give "The Game With No Name" a 5 star rating.

The author

LG Cunningham loves to write scary, spine-chilling, monster filled, ‘
my-child-is-not-able-to-sleep’ stories. This term of endearment could
be as a result of growing up in an Irish town filled with ghosts, being
able to communicate with (and actually see) the dead or more than
likely because his family used to rent him horror movies (pre-Netflix
and pre-DVDs) when he was very little which had the affect of twisting
his brain to the extent that he was - and still is - afraid of his own shadow.


I thank Booktasters and the author for giving me a free copy of the ebook
in exchange to my honest review. This has not affected my opinion. 

The Game With No Name was published on August 23rd. 2020 and contains
142 pages. 

maandag 11 juli 2022


 Third in the wheel of light series

An excellent Novel!


Stolid is a man who remembers being young and doesn't tell even his
best friends his real name because he has the ambition to be Stolid -
calm and showing little emotion.

But when he grows older and tragedy strikes the world becomes too
much. One evening he runs away, hitchhikes and is picked up by a
man who claims to know him. 

He's taken to an empty place at night. He can escape but chooses not to.
The stranger's motives are obscure but it turns out Stolid is his own
worst enemy. 

The man convinces Stolid he does know him as they exchange
memories and the evening grows mysterious.

My review

I previously read and reviewed Damon Ich, but this book fellt like a 
new excellent story. I enjoyed the thread and the characters of the book
very much, as well as the cover. I hope there will be new books of
Aaron D. Key soon.  

If you like to read wonderful literary novels, don't hesitate to take this
book about Stolid. 

Without no doubt I want to give Stolid a 5 star rating!