Sunday 30 May 2021

Bookreview: The Ultimate Love

What an emotional book


A remarkable and inspiring journey of a grieving mother. "The ultimate Love"
will make you shed a few tears. But it'll also remind you to value every second
you have with your loved ones and treasure the memories of those who passed

My review

I read Nadeem's Journey a while ago and I wanted to know how Nadeem's mother
handled her grief. 

Again it was a very emotional book, well written and structured. You feel
what the author experienced. 

I would like to recommend this book to people who love to read honest, emotional
memoirs. Without any doubt, I give this a 5 star rating! 


I received a free copy via Booktasters and the author, Sherine Anniruth.
I hope she continues writing.

The Ultimate Love is available on Amazon. 

Friday 28 May 2021

Bookreview: Health-Wealth

 Interesting read!


In Health-Wealth for You, Dr. Josh Luke teaches individuals and families a 
series of measurable money saving tactics that will reduce spending on 

My Review

It was an interesting read about the American Health Care System. 
The book had suggestions about making the system better.

The book was written very well, well thought and structured, which
I like a lot. For me personally it was a bit less interesting because
it was written for the USA.

I would certainly recommend this book to my American friends who
are interested in the American Health Care System. It is also
interesting for businesses who work regularly with people from the

Anyway, I would like to give a 5* rating for this splendid book. 

The Author

Health-Wealth is written by two time Amazon #1 best-selling author, futurist
and faculty member at the University of Southern California, Dr. Josh Luke. 


I received a free copy by Booktasters and the author. Thank you so much for
this interesting read! 

Thursday 27 May 2021

bookreview: Opprobrium

Fantastic Fantasy Story!


The Lamentation's End Series:

In the world of Cyr, magic is vanishing. The races of elves, dwarves and satyrs have
disappeared and now too the dragons. Few acknowledge the change, though the
decreased power of each new generation of magi is undeniable. Can the remaining races
unite to determine the cause and reserve it? Or will they find it is not at all what it seems?


The Dregs, ancient wraiths jumping from host to host, have invaded the island of Merith
with their werewolf servants. Fleeing the invasion and their own country's Army, four
Merithians discover many secrets in the shadows and the truth of Merit's lies. Aided
by elves, mercenaries, satyrs, and pikes, these young Merithians learn why it is imperative
to the entire world that they escape.

My review

What a colourful book and amazing layout! It's without no doubt a fantastic fantasy
story and id didn't let me down although it was a huge book. 

I really wanted to know the end so it's definitily a page turner! 

the story is written very well and the characters are certainly deepened out!
It's a book with lots of emotions and although it is more than 600 pages it read 

I would recommend this book to all who loves fantasy! Without no doubt I want
to give it a 5* rating. 

The author

Wade Lewellyn-Huges is a fantasy novelist who likes a good story, whether in
print, on a game console, or on a film. When done properly, the audience wants
more. And I certainly want to read more from this author!


I really want to thank Booktasters and the author to provide me a free copy in
exchange for my honest review. It was absolutely a great reading chance. 


Monday 17 May 2021

Bookreview: Nadeem's Journey

Heart wrenching story of a loving mother loosing
her son on cancer

What a beautiful, sad and strong story! 


Nadeem's Journey by Sherine Anniruth is the soulful and bittersweet story of a
mother who loses her son. Nadeem was just 25 years old when he died from
cancer, but his mother's determination for his memory to live forever is
beautiful and raw. 

This story captures Nadeem's spirit. This book will captivate you and wrench
your heart. 

My Review

What a beautiful sad and strong story! It was written very clear, and
of course emotional. I had to cry and I admire the strength of Nadeem, his
mother and his family. 

I would recommend this book to all the people who like to read wonderful,
strong memoirs. What is more powerful than a mother talking about her 

Of course, I give a 5 star rating for this splendid book! 

The author

Sherine is living in Perth, Western Australia and emigrated from South Africa. 
She's a dedicated mum of 3 and works as a registered nurse. 


I received a free copy via Booktasters and the author. Thank you very much for
this excellent reading chance! 

Friday 14 May 2021

Bookreview: A New Life in the Algarve, Portugal

An anthology of life stories curated by

Alyson Sheldrake 

Wonderful stories of People who moved to Portugal! 


What makes a person decide to move abroad to start a new life? And why do so many 
people choose the Algarve in Portugal as their dream location?

In this compilation of life stories, you can read about a whole range of different people
who have made the Algarve their home. 

Read about the families that moved to live in the Algarve in the early 1970's, before
tourism was even an idea. 

Funny moments, heartfelt journeys, and real-life modern adventures are all covered
in this fascinating anthology. 

My Review

I'm a huge fan of short (travel) stories about people's lives and intentions. That's why
I liked to read this amazing book. Besides that, Portugal is without any doubt one of
my favourite holiday countries. 

Do I need to say more? I really enjoyed reading. The stories were honest and interesting
as well! 

I would recommend this book to all who want to move to Portugal or people who just
like to read travel memoirs.

I give with lots of pleasure a 5 star rating for this splendid book! 

The author

Alyson Sheldrake is one of the amazing authors in the picture of this book blog.
You can check her author in the picture blog post on this link

A beta reader

I was very proud to be a beta reader for this book. However, I bought the "real" book
via because I liked it so much (and because my name was in it 😇😅 ).

Saturday 8 May 2021

Bookreview: Beauty


Amazing story! 


Amy Wong is an up-and-coming designer in the New York fashion industry;
she is young, beautiful and has it all. But she finds herself at odds with rival
designers in a world rife with chauvinism and prejudice. 

In her personal life, she struggles with marriage and motherhood, finding
that her choices often fall short of her traditional family's expectations. 

Derailed again and again, Amy must confront her own limitations to succeed
as the designer and the person she wants to be. 

My Review

While reading and reviewing a book, I always make some notes,
which I transform into a review.

These are my notes while reading "Beauty": 

- the main character was deepened out very well;
- easy reading; 
- nicely written. 

I loved both the story, the storytelling and the dialogues as well. 

I would like to recommend this book to all the readers who love
women stories and novels. 

I would like to give this book a 5* rating! 

The Author

Christiana Chiu is the winner of the James Alan McPherson Award
for this novel Beauty. She is also author of Troublemaker and Other Saints
published by G.P. Putnam's Sons in 2001.

She curates and co-hosts the Pen Parentis Literary Salon Currently, Chiu is
working on her next novel. 

Christiana Chiu certainly is an author to keep an eye on. I hope
she continues writing and I would love to read other books from her!


I received a free copy via Booktasters and the author. I 'm very happy with
this excellent reading chance! 

Sunday 2 May 2021

Bookreview: From Gaudi's City to Granada's Red Place

 "What an amazing travel memoir"


Undeterred by a serious health scare, the incorrigible Elizabeth, her sister and a close
friend have already ventured to Europe. When their trip ended in Barcelona, the 
sisters vowed to return and resume their adventures, inviting a mutual friend to 
complete the trio. Now their travel wish-list includes some of Spain's major cities
and a little slice of Portugal. Once again you are invited on their journey and raise
a glass or two as they sample the tastes, sights and sounds that the Iberian 
Peninsula offers.

My Review

Reading a book from EJ Bauer always is a fantastic way to spend some time and
dream away about sunny holiday destinations. Again it gave me new travel inspiration
which I'm going to explore in the next years. 

The book is a fantastic mix of storytelling and dialogues. I really enjoyed the
adventures she and two companions had on such amazing places. I also liked her 
writing style very much. It's clear, easy reading and relaxing. 

I would recommend without no doubt From Gaudi's city to Granada's Red Place to
anyone who likes to travel to Spain. 

I would like to give this fantastic travel memoir a 5*rating! Hopefully EJ Bauer will
write more travel memoirs!

The author

EJ Bauer, Elizabeth was born in Queensland, Australia and she lived her first 12
years in the country. Her family moved to Brisbane and she graduated from university
with a degree in speech pathology. She accepted a position at a large regional
hospital in New South Wales and she is still living in the area over 40 years later.

She is married, has two children and five grandchildren. She has a cat named Lucy. 
EJ Bauer was diagnosed with cancer. After her treatment, she started to travel to 
Europe and North America. 

We Love Memoirs

I received a free copy of this amazing memoir from the We love Memoirs Group,
the friendliest group of Facebook!