zaterdag 30 januari 2021

Bookreview: Looking for life

"What an amazing book!"


Strap in, turn down the lights, and enter worlds that will stretch your imagination
to the full....

From a stranded alien comedian to the darkest depths of the human psyche; from
mind-blowing galactic adventure to clandestine extraterrestrial behavior on Earth.
They're all here and more in this spell-binding collection of seventeen short stories
to keep your guessing at every turn. 

With tales of alien invasion, deep space mystery, time travel, and dystopian future
Earth, this is a collection which takes inspiration from the much respected 
'old masters' of Science Fiction. Here be new realms to explore - can you cross
the void and challenge your dreams?

My Review

To be honest: I don't know much about the science fiction genre, but
I'm never too old to discover new things. I was verry happy to read and 
review this amazing book.

It is a collection of wonderful short stories. It also is a good mix between
dialogues and story telling. The book is written clear, fluently and it has
nice well developed characters!

I would recommend this book to all who love science fiction and short
stories. Therefore I want to give this book a 5 star rating. 

The author

Clayton Graham read a lot of Science Fiction. He loved the 'old school'
masters such as HG Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov and John Wyndham.
He settled in Victoria, Australia in 1982. 

Combining future science with the paranormal is his passion. Milijun, his 
first novel, was puclished in 2016, and second novel, Saving Paludis, in
2018 and more. 

Please do take a look at his website on this link


I received a free copy by the author and Booktasters. Thank you very much
for giving me the chance to write my honest review!

Source picture: Wikipedia

donderdag 28 januari 2021

Bookreview: From Moulin Rouge To Gaudi's City

"A wonderful memoir with surprising travel ideas"


When Elizabeth (EJ Bauer) receives a diagnosis of breast cancer, she
reassesses her life's to-do-list. Having always suppressed her travel longings,
she opens her neglected 'someday' ledger and takes a much closer look at the

After an opportune invitation from a friend to meet in Paris, and her sister's
enthusiastic agreement to be part of the adventure, a plan begins to take shape. 

Join the Australian trio as they savour the sights of France and Spain, where no
trip is complete without a morsel of local cuisine and a sip of something

My Review

Paris and Barcelona are two of my favourite cities, so I was very keen to read 
From Moulin Rouge To Gaudi's City. It didn't let me down!

I was surprised by the author's eye for detail. The book is written very clear,
structured and easy to read. 

This was not just a story about Paris and Barcelona. It even gave me
some new travel ideas, which I hope to complete as soon
as it is possible to travel again.

I recommend this book to all people who like to read memoirs about Paris 
and Barcelona. I really enjoyed reading. Therefore I would like to give this
book a 5 star rating. Can I give more?! 

The author

Elizabeth (EJ Bauer)  has lived in Australia all her life. Her working career
began as a speech pathologist and subsequently morphed into the unrelated
field of retail management in a university science centre and planetarium. 

Her passion for travel was brought into stark focus when she was diagnosed
with breast cancer and, following her treatment, a travel plan formed. 

Guam was first, followed quickly by European and North American adventures.
Her illness nudged another long-held interest to the fore and Elizabeth began
chronicling her trips with extensive photography, promising herself she would also 
write about her exploits.

She is happily married, a mother of two, grandmother of five and devoted assistant
to Lucy, a bossy tortoiseshell cat. 

We love memoirs

I received a free copy from the We love memoirs group.
I leave this honest review voluntarily and honestly. 

Source picture: Bookcover 

woensdag 27 januari 2021

Author in the picture: Alyson Sheldrake

A few weeks ago I read and reviewed Living the Quieter Algarve Dream.
This is the second book of Alyson Sheldrake. I immediately loved her book
and the small paintings before each chapter as well. I also share her love
for Portugal, although we haven't visited the same places. 

That's why I wanted to put her in the picture with this blogpost. I asked
Alyson if she would like to participate in a Question and Answer interview
and luckily she said yes. 

So here is the Author in the picture interview of Alyson Sheldrake. 

The interview

Did you always want to write a memoir?


My husband, Dave, and I initially bought a house in the Algarve in 2006,
and it took us a further five years of working in the UK before we made
the permanent move out here to live. I started writing a blog when we
first moved here, initially just to keep friends informed of what we were
doing. It soon grew into an award-winning blog with over 100,000 views
 a year. I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing our articles,
all liberally sprinkled with Dave’s photography.

Many of our personal stories didn’t seem to fit the blog format,
so I put them all to one side, and then eventually realised that
I had a lot of material sat on my computer. People kept saying
to me, “you should write a book”, so I sat down one day and
started writing. It wasn’t long before I had written almost 80,000 words,
and ‘Living the Dream – in the Algarve, Portugal’ was born.
I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a genre called ‘memoir’
when I first starting writing.

Do you prefer other genres too?


I am an avid reader and have been since I was a very young child.
 I love fiction, fantasy, and travel books as well as memoirs.
I love books that transport me to another place or time,
or even a different world. I am a fast reader too,
I can easily finish a novel in two or three sittings.

What was your goal by writing the Portugal memoirs?

My first book was very much an adventure into the unknown.
Self-publishing was a whole new world to explore, and I relished it all.
Pressing the ‘upload’ button on Amazon and seeing my book go live
was an exhilarating – and slightly scary – moment. At the end of the
first book, I mentioned we were moving to a new house in a
different part of the Algarve, and that maybe there would
be a sequel. I had so many messages and emails from people
asking me when the sequel would be released that I had to sit
down and write it! ‘Living the Quieter Algarve Dream’ was
published in November last year.

Are you fully integrated in the Algarve region or are there still surprises?

There are always surprises, and even though we have travelled
and explored widely across the Algarve, there are still some tucked
away locations we haven’t visited yet. Dave is a professional photographer
and I am also an artist, so we are always scoping new beaches and villages
that we can explore for inspiration. And then, of course, we have whole
areas of the Alentejo, Lisbon and northern Portugal that we
haven’t even stepped foot into yet!

I do love Portugal, its food, its culture and its port wine.
What do you recommend to visit first in the Algarve?

When we first visited here on holiday, we discovered the fishing
village of Ferragudo, and we were smitten. We rented a little cottage
off the main street, and I can still distinctly remember the first time
we arrived in our hire car and saw the village reflected in the
glistening water of the Arade river. Painted boats were tied up,
bobbing with the tide, the houses seemed to tumble down
to the riverfront, with the majestic whitewashed church sat
proudly above them keeping watch. It was idyllic.

We loved everything about the Algarve from that moment, the
food, the people, the stunning beaches, and wide-open blue skies.
The pace of life was enticing, and the area captured our hearts.
So I would recommend Ferragudo as an excellent base to see the
Algarve from. Hire a car, grab a map and go explore. And then
head up to Monchique and enjoy a hearty plate of Piri-piri chicken
and watch the sunset. I defy anyone not to be enthralled by this wonderful place.

Do you like the Portuguese food, the British food or others?

Oh, definitely Portuguese local food. You can still eat a
three-course meal for less than ten euros a head if
you know where to go. The fish is freshly caught, and the meat
dishes are hearty meals. Try a cataplana ( a type of fish stew) and
ask for baba de camelo for pudding (it literally translates as
‘camel spit’) it’s a delicious caramel-flavoured mousse.
Or try the locals’ favourite of grilled sardines.
Just the smell of them cooking makes me hungry!

Do you sometimes feel homesick ?

No, never! I can honestly say that Portugal is our home and we are
extremely happy here. I have absolutely no plans to return to the UK – ever!

What does a typical day look like for you?

I am an early riser. I love to get up at about 5 a.m. and have the
house and the world all to myself. This is my best time for writing,
I find my brain is full of ideas and the thoughts and words just flow easily.
We have a beautiful rescue dog called Kat, and about 7 a.m. it is
time for me to take her for a morning walk beside the river. I treasure
that time each day, the river walk is so peaceful and beautiful.

After breakfast I am straight into my art studio, which is part of
our house. I will paint there until lunchtime, then I confess to enjoying
an afternoon nap after that! It’s great living here as no-one bats an
eyelid if you have a siesta – although the Portuguese don’t take the
afternoon siesta as seriously as their Spanish neighbours.

The afternoon is often rounded off by a trip to one of our local beaches.
Kat and I will explore the shoreline while Dave is busy with his camera.

Do you watch lots of television or have you due to the
temperature more outdoors activities?

We have Portuguese television as part of our internet package.
I think we have switched it on twice in the last two years!
I don’t miss ‘television’ at all. We love box sets of TV series,
so at the end of the day we usually curl up on the sofa for
an hour and watch the next episode in whatever series we
are currently devouring. One of our favourites is NYPD Blue –
we have all 12 seasons – it takes about eight months to watch them all!

The Algarve is such a beautiful place, and the weather
almost year-round is sunny and warm, so it would be crazy
not to enjoy it all. I love to walk around the place we call home,
chatting to our Portuguese neighbours and enjoying the stunning
countryside and unspoilt beaches that surround us.

What are your dreams/wishes/plans for 2021 and the near future?

I have three books planned for release in 2021. The first is an anthology
of life stories about other expats that have also made the Algarve
their home. It has been a real privilege to bring their stories to life.
I have chapters on people that have set up an award-winning vineyard
from scratch, been honoured by the Queen for their charity work
out here, and others who have set up a wide-range of ventures and
activities, from yurt-farms, to animal rescue, arts, local magazines,
alternative therapies and film-making. ‘Why the Algarve?’
will be released in the spring.

Next up after that is another anthology, this time entitled
‘Chasing the Dream – a new life abroad’ which combines the
writing of twenty established memoir/travel authors and their
stories of moving to a new country to live. After that it will be
the turn of a collection of stories from travel writers with a book
entitled ‘Itchy Feet – Tales of travel and adventure’. Add that to a
new set of very large paintings commissioned by a
client and you have one busy Algarve lady!

More Alyson Sheldrake

Do you want to know more about Alyson Sheldrake, please check her
sites :

Her website with beautiful artwork on this link

Her husband's website with amazing pictures on this link

All paintings: © Alyson Sheldrake

All pictures: © Dave Sheldrake Photography

maandag 25 januari 2021

Bookreview: Confessions of an Expat in Paris

 written by Vicki Lesage

"A nice memoir with humour."


From champagne bottles to baby bottles, this memoir offers a humorous glimpse
of an American expat's years abroad...

Party girl Vicki moved to Paris hoping to drink wine and fall in love. She 
accomplished both goals but not without bumps along the way: romantic
encounters gone awry, uniquely French situations threatening her sanity,
and two adorable yet tireless kids keeping her on her toes.

Journey along with Vicky as she gets her feet wet, settles in, and finally 
finds her way in Paris. All with a drink in hand and a smile on her face.
Until she must make a decision: Should she stay in her adopted city
(with all its ups and downs) or should she return home (with its
different ups and downs)?

Discover the real Paris through Vicki's eyes as she shows you the funny
side of life, love and raising a family in the city of Light. And each chapter
is paired with a delicious cocktail recipe. 

My review

It was an honest memoir: a lovely, clear and fluently written book.
It was easy and relaxing to read too. 

I enjoyed reading and sometimes the scenes made me laugh. 
However I wanted to read more about Paris than about the author's life.

I would like to recommend this book to all readers who like memoirs,
and travel stories with lots of humour.

Therefore, I would like to give this book a 4 star rating on 5. 

The author

Bestselling author Vicki Lesage proves daily that raising two French kids
isn't as easy as the hype lets on. In her spare time, she writes, sips bubbly, and 
prepares for the impending zombie apocalypse. She just moved back to the
US after living in Paris for 11 years, with her French husband, rambunctious
son, and charming daughter in tow, all of whom mercifully don't laugh
when she says "au revoir". She penned the Paris Confessions series in between
diaper changes and wine refills. She writes about the ups and downs of her life
on her site on this link


I received a copy free by BookSirens for giving my honest review. Thank you very
much for this excellent reading chance

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Bookreview: The Bliss of Ignorance

Part 1 of A New Haven Trilogy

written by Ray Filasky 

"A very fascinating read"


Aspirations choose our path, however our response to life's obstacles is mostly
forged from the slag of desperation. We see their specters building on the 
horizon, all too often, choosing to believe they don't exist. Tee and Emma Haskings
now know those obstacles are there, the question is, can they live with them.

The Bliss of Ignorance leaves the reader with the unsettled feeling one gets when
fiction skirts too close to reality and keeps them engaged as the characters struggle
through this improbable turn of events. Racial tensions, political intrigue, passion
loss, and the strength of personal character are all uniquely blended to connect
us to the story and its participants as Tee and Emma model the kind of love and
commitment many of us wish for. 

My Review

The Bliss of Ignorance is the first part of A New Haven Trilogy and I was
keen to read this thriller. I didn't let me down. 

It was fluently written and a very interesting read. I really enjoyed the
storyline with flashbacks and scenes from present day. 

The characters were well developed and I do love the story twists.
Although not everything was clear.

So, I want to give this book a 4 star rating on 5, but I hope to read the
other stories as well. Perhaps that will make things more clear. 

The Author

Sometimes an idea grabs hold of you and takes you on an unexpected journey
(in this instance it went frome one book to three). Such was the case with the
story of Tee and Emma Haskins. Through their struggles, we are given a 
glimpse at the implications of rash populist decisions. The impetuts for that
journey, however, was the deep sadness I felt as we witnessed the events in 
Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland. Coming of age in the sixties, I
had been naïve enough to think we had put the worst of racial tensions behind


I recieved a copy of The Bliss of Ignorance by Booktasters and Ray Filansky.
Thank you very much! 

dinsdag 19 januari 2021

Bookreview: Strange Nights, and Some Days Too

Why'll you love Japan, for a year 

written by Ken Seeroi

Fantastic guide to Japan


With wry humour, deep cultural insight and an impressive capacity for
malt liquor and black pepper potato chips, the author takes you through
real-life tales of women in short skirts, men with no teeth, a friend's 
suicide, a fight with a yakuza, and a maze of smokey back-alley bars 
throughout Japan. 

My Review

This book is wonderfully written in short chapters with a great sense
of humour. It's about incidents and misadventures in Japan.

I enjoyed the stories (which made me laugh) and the clear writing

I would recommend this book for everyone who is interested in 
Japan. I want to give this book with lots of pleasure a 5 star rating.

The author

One afternoon, Ken Seeroi left his successful banking career and
boarded a plane for Tokyo with two suitcases and a phrasebook.

He spent a decade learning the language and living a Japanese
lifestyle among local people, finally realizing his dream of life
in Japan.

Ken Seeroi has now lived in Japan for 12 years, in seven
different cities while pursuing a wide variety of jobs.
He is well-renowned in the nation as an educator and karaoke


I received a free copy by BookSirens to make an honest review. Thank
you very much for giving me this chance! 

Source picture: Book Cover 

maandag 18 januari 2021

Bookreview: The Serpent and the Eagle

"Wonderful historical fiction"  


Tenochtitlan, 1519, pale -skinned people have arrived on the coast of
One World. They hail from a far away land called Spain and fight for
the mysterious Hernando Cortés. To confront Cortés' army would be
dangerous, but inaction may be even more dangerous. 

The Mexica are the most powerful people in all the One World and
regard the uncouth interlopers with a mixture of curiosity and 

My Review

History, especially royal history, always has fascinated me.
This book is about the Spanish conquest of native Mexica, mostly
known as the Aztecs.

The writing of this book is clear, structured and the characters are
detailed as well. 

It also must be clear that the author knows a lot about this subject
which is interesting to read.

I would recommend this book to people who love historical fiction.
Therefore I would like to give a five star rating. 

The Author

Ever since Edward Rickford was young, he has enjoyed writing. 
College gave him the chance to combine his interest in history with his
passion for storytelling and he mainly writes historical fiction now.

He won several Prizes for his writings. More interested, check his
site on this link


I've received a free copy from BookSirens to make an honest review of
the book. Thank you very much for this great opportunity. 

Source picture: Book cover 

zondag 17 januari 2021

Bookreview: One

 written by Carolyn M. Bowen

"I couldn't stop reading until I knew the end"


Expect to be blown away by Carolyn Bowen's newest thriller in the
Sydney Jones Series One.

Sydney returns in this gripping thriller that sends her into a chilling 
tailspin when enemies attack with  vengeance. Will her desire for
answers about her ex-military former love be her undoing or will the
hand of fate set her free to live and love again?

Sydney needed time to reflect on her lover and son's father's death.
She'd never learned the reason he disappeared years earlier when she
wanted him to fight for justice when charged with the Rockstar
Roxanne's murder. 

She and David, her son, returned to Barbados for their summer vacation.
What she didn't know was the island would become the melting pot for 
unsavory characters out for blood and the unraveling of dark secrets from
her past. 

My Review

One is a thriller and that's what I felt from page one. I was keen to know
the end of the story. So, it's a page turner.
You won't stop until you know the end. 😊

Although this book is a part of a series it easily can be read as a stand alone,
just as I did. It was written very well and very fluently.

I also like the characters, they were certainly deepened out! The setting 
was amazing too. 

To conclude: I recommend this book to people who like thrillers.
I  want to give the book a five star rating! 

The Author

Carolyn Bowen is a mystery author who calls on her life escapades and
an adventurous imaginative spirit to inspire and entertain. Bowen uses
travel as a muse to explore cultures and dialogue to bring her stories to

To read more about her, check her website on this link

I received a free copy from the author to read and review this wonderful
book. The author was very correct and I hope to read more books from

Source picture: Book Cover 

donderdag 14 januari 2021

Bookreview: 20/20 Vision

 written by Alexandra Tendler

"Nice poems."


20/20 Vision is a collection of poetry about love, travel and self growth.
It's a love poem to the past, a sealed letter to the future and a reflection on
this moment now and the beautiful unpredictability of what could be. 

Especially during the uncertainty of your 20's, these poems touch on 
all the heartache, self discovery, and exploraratory desires to see the 
world and find your niche. The path ahead or behind may not always
be clear, but there is always beauty to be found if we look hard enough.

It's what makes each of our perspectives uniquely 20/20

My Review

I really enjoyed reading 20/20 Vision. The writing style and the poems
were wonderful. However in this small book, there were many subjects
and there was a bit a lack of structure. 

Therefore I would like to give the book a 4 star rating. 


First of all: I've received a free copy by BookSirens. Thank you very much! 

Source picture: book covers

dinsdag 12 januari 2021

Bookreview Walloon Ways

Walloon Ways 

Three years as a weekend Belgian

written by Valerie Poore

"What an amazing beautiful story."


In 2003, Val Poore bought her dream: a barge with a garden in
Brussels. With her partner Koos, she embarked on a life of
weekend residency in Belgium. For three years, they explored
the lovely Walloon countryside as well as the Belgian river and
canal network while they made their floating home habitable. 

If you don't know Belgium, this could be the starter that gives you
a taste for more! 

My Review

After the recommendation by Lally Brown, I wanted to read a book
of Valerie Poore. It was a very nice surprise that she wrote about 
her time in Belgium, which is my own country.

Walloon Ways is not just an ordinary travel book, it is a memoir,
written by the author while traveling on a boat in Belgium. So, it
is very interesting to read. It also is written from a different view.
She describes her life on the water. 

The book has beautiful pictures and clear maps of the waterways
in Belgium. It is written structured, with humour and flair, which I like.
I discovered new places while reading Walloon Ways. 

I would recommend this book to friends, family, colleagues who
want to know more about Belgium from the point of view of the
water! Without no hesitation, I give a 5 star rating for Walloon

The Author

Valerie Poore was born in London, England, and grew up in the
north of London and the west of Dorset. After completing her degree
in English, History and French at Bournemouth, she took a further
course in the conversation and restauration of museum artefacts at
Lincoln College of Art. She spent two years doing furniture restoration
before going to South Africa in 1981 with her husband and her small

Val left South Africa permanently in 2001, and has settled in the
Netherlands, where she shares her time between a live aboard barge in
Rotterdam and a cottage in Zeeland. 

She has written several books inter alia: the Skipper's Child, Water Way,
Walloon Was and many more. 

She has her own blog about her life on the water. If you are 
interested, please check this link

We love memoirs

I received a copy for free by the We love memoirs group on 
Facebook. Thank you very much for giving me this wonderful

Source picture: Book Cover 

zondag 10 januari 2021

Individual Advantages: Find the I in Team

 written by Dr. Bran Smith & Mary Smith


After helping over 18,000 CEO's, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees 
worldwide, Dr. Brian Smith shares his knowledge of creating great leaders
in his first book of The I in Team Series.

Dr Smith's approach to teaching is unparalleled, utilizing a combination of
personal storytelling and philosophy to present the reader with a meticulous
way of achieving prosperity.

Designed to engage and empower current and aspiring leaders with
information to find individual success, this book does not adopt a "one size
fits all" methodology. 

My Review

As I'm very interested in the psychological aspect of human beings, I really
wanted to read "Individual Advantages, Find the I in Team". 

This book didn't let me down. It fulfilled all my expectations. It is based on 
the experiences of the authors and I enjoyed the storytelling. It was clear,
structured with great messages and examples. 

Sometimes the personal stories made me laugh, others were more serious. 
Anyway, this book is a must read for people who are open for change,
interested in business or in psychology. Therefore I want to give this book
a 5 star rating. 

The Authors

Dr. Brian Smith resides in Algonquin, Illinois with his beautiful wife, René,
and their two dogs. During the work day, Brian immerses himself in finding
business solutions to help his clients succeed. 

Mary Smith, the daughter of Dr. Brian, has a bachelor's in English literature
and minored in psychology at the University of Redlands. She has been
working with IA Business Advisors since June 2014, starting as an editor. 
After graduating in 2016, she became a full-time employee; while her main
job still revolves around writing and editing. 

Before reviewing this book, I've had an e-mail from Mary Smith. It was very
correct and agreeable.

You can find both authors on Twitter @IinTeamSeries 


I've received a copy for free by Booktasters. Thank you very much for
this splendid opportunity! 

Source picture: Book Cover 

zaterdag 9 januari 2021

Recensie: De gezellige dikzak op dieet

De gezellige dikzak

Waarom ik zo dik was en hoe ik dun werd

Wouter Cornet 

"Een inspirerend, eerlijk levensverhaal."


Er is een obesitas epidemie gaande. 1 op 7 Nederlanders heeft het
inmiddels te pakken. Alles groeit: onze porties, onze magen, maar ook
de economische belangen. De mensheid pompt zichzelf op. Is de uit-
dijende massa ooit nog te stoppen? Ik ben op het moment van het 
schrijven zelf onderdeel van de kolkende vetmassa. Ik lijd aan obesitas. 

Bron: Bol. com 

Mijn recensie

Mocht het boek in de winkel liggen, zou ik twijfelen om het te
kopen,omdat de cover niet zo opvallend is.  De titel: "De gezellige
dikzak op dieet" sprak me echter wel meteen aan. Het maakte me 
nieuwsgierig, al dacht ik: weer een nieuwe dieetgoeroe die het eens
allemaal gaat vertellen. 

"De gezellige dikzak" op dieet is een persoonlijk verhaal, waarin de
auteur openlijk vertelt over zijn strijd tegen de kilo's, iets wat ik heel 
bewonderenswaardig vond. 

Ik waardeerde de schrijfstijl, de humor en de eerlijkheid enorm! 
Het leest heel gemakkelijk en vlot. Ook zat er structuur in. Daarom
geef ik graag een beoordeling van 5 sterren.

Over de auteur

Wouter Cornet groeide op in een sportief gezin waar alles in het teken stond
van gezondheid en bewegen. Hij studeerde aan de ALO, academie voor
lichamelijke opvoeding, en psychologie aan de UVA. Ondanks zijn 
sportieve achtergrond en zijn kennis van gezondheid, raakte hij steeds meer
verstrikt in het leven van vreetkicks, sugar rushes en fast food. Op een dag
beseft hij dat hij aan obesitas lijdt. Dan gaat er een knopje om en zet hij
alles op alles om het tij te keren. 

Technische details

"De gezellige dikzak" werd in 2019 gepubliceerd door Uitgeverij Elmar. 
Ik las het via mijn Kobo plus abonnement. Het is steeds een 
plezier om boeken van deze uitgeverij te lezen! 

Foto: Titelpagina boek. 

vrijdag 8 januari 2021

Bookreview: Living the Quieter Algarve Dream

 Living the Quieter Algarve Dream

written by Alyson Sheldrake

"A sunny memoir for anyone who likes Portugal"


Have you ever longed for a quieter life? Ever wanted to escape the crowds,
walk on deserted beaches, and experience all that a different country has to

Alyson and her husband Dave Sheldrake moved to the Western Algarve far
from tourists, to live in a rural market town. 

In this part guidebook, mostly memoir, find out why the Algarve is a favourite
destination for so many, and why this couple has made it their home. 

My Review

Portugal always has fascinated me. Till now, I only visited Lisbon, Sintra and
Porto, however I really want to discover more from this lovely country. So, I
was very pleased to receive a free copy via We Love Memoirs on Facebook. 

I immediately was into the story, which is a splendid mix of a memoir and
a guidebook. I particularly liked the fact that the author wrote so much about
history. I also learned something about moving.

"Living the Quieter Algarve dream" offers a glimpse about the couple's live
in the Algarve. It was very interesting and it gave lots of information.

I also noted that "Living the Quieter Algarve dream" was written very 
fluently and that the chapters were clear and structured. I really liked
the colourful pictures in the book. 

To conclude: I would recommend this book to all people who love 
Portugal and to them who want to move to that lovely country. Therefore,
I give with lots of pleasure and without no hesitation a 5 star rating!

The Author

Alyson Sheldrake was born in Birmingham in 1968. She has always loved
art and painting, although she found little time for such pleasures, working
full time after graduation. She joined the Devon and Cornwall Police in 
1992 and served there for thirteen years, before leaving to work in the
field of education. She became the Director of Education for the Church
of England in Devon in 2008.

Once her husband Dave retired from Police, their long-held dream of 
living in the sun could become a reality. Alyson handed in her notice and
with her dusty easel and set of acrylic paints packed and ready to move,
they started their new adventure living in the beautiful Algarve in 
Portugal in 2011.

Alyson is the author of the award-winning and popular Algarve Blog and
has also been a keynote speaker for several years at the annual
'Live and Invest in Portugal' international conference. She is also a 
feature writer for the Tomorrow Algarve magazine.

She is an accomplished and sought-after artist working alongside her
husband Dave, a professional photographer.

Her first book Living the Dream - in the Algarve was full of useful
advice, enjoyable adventures and humorous accounts of their Algarve
life in the sun. 

The sequel, Living the Quieter Algarve Dream continues their story. 

She also has a website, check this link
Check also her wonderful Algarve Blog on this link.

We love Memoirs 

I've received a free copy of Living the Quieter Algarve Dream
via the We Love Memoirs group. 

We Love Memoirs is the friendliest, most caring group on Facebook.
It is the place where memoir readers and authors can chat together.
I really like that group. 

Source picture: Book Cover

donderdag 7 januari 2021

Recensie: Patronen doorbreken

 Negatieve gevoelens en gewoontes herkennen en veranderen


Hannie Van Genderen

Gitta Jacob

Laura Seebauer


Maak je steeds weer dezelfde fouten in het leven, terwijl je je hebt voorgenomen
om een volgende keer anders te reageren? Vertoont je gedrag hardnekkige 
patronen, die je zeer tegen je zin niet eenvoudig kunt doorbreken?
In dat geval helpt schematherapie je verder.

Schematherapie leert je om de oorsprong van je gedragspatronen te doorgronden,
hun invloed op je alledaagse leven te onderzoeken en jezelf zodanig te veranderen 
dat je je beter gaat voelen en beter voor jezelf kunt zorgen en opkomen.

Mijn recensie

Een duidelijk, gestructureerd en toegankelijk hulpboek! Heel interessant om 
meer te weten te komen over bepaald gedrag. "Patronen doorbreken" houdt je
soms ook wel een spiegel voor. 

Ik vond de schema's heel goed, maar misschien hadden er wel wat meer 
voorbeelden in het boek mogen staan.

"Patronen doorbreken" is een aanrader voor al wie geïnteresseerd is in
gedrag, psychologie of voor mensen die veranderingen in hun leven willen. 

Ik geef het boek "Patronen doorbreken" een 4 op 5. 

Verkrijgbaar bij

Ik kocht het boek bij
Het werd gepubliceerd via Uitgeverij Nieuwezijds. 

Foto: Titelpagina

dinsdag 5 januari 2021

Bookreview: True Crime Chronicles

True Crime Chronicles 

is written by Mike Rothmiller

The interesting other part of history: crimes!


What do Jack the Ripper, Jesse James, The Texas Servant Girl Annihilator,
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Jack the Kisser have in

They were all subjects of true crime newspaper reporting in the 1800's. And
now these stories and that of many others are brought together in their original
form in a two-volume set: True Crime Chronicles. 

My Review

History, especially Royal History, always has fascinated me very much. 
But murder and crime also is a part of the society, sadly.

So, it was very interesting to read all these stories with a fresh look
from the author.

I learned many things from this book, reading it was very easy and

I would recommend True Crime Chronicles to people who are interested
in all aspects of history. I want to give a 5 star rating! 

The Author

Mike Rothmiller is a New York Times Bestselling Author, nominee for the
Pulitzer Prize, historian, former cop and Army medic. He's also served as a
TV reporter, an award winning documentary producer and television host
for ESPN, PBS and other international television markets. He's written and
produced over 25 television documentaries, numerous TV and radio ads and
has authored movie scripts. 

He's authored 23 books. Readers of his books include; the former First Lady
Laura Bush and even Queen Elizabeth II. 


I received an advance copy for free by BookSirens and I'm leaving this
review voluntarily. Thank you for giving me this excellent reading 

zaterdag 2 januari 2021

Bookreview: Brandlife



written by Andrej Drapal

"Very useful information"


Do you sometimes feel like your brand runs you and not the opposite? Are you
feeling depressed for that reason? Are you stunned by brands, but then you do 
not know how to handle them? Would you like to live in a world free of any
brand? Are you sure that brands are not alive? Do  not worry! Answers to these
and many other brand and branding related questions are to be found in this 
book. Brandlife is a branding philosophy and branding manual at the same

My review

All aspects of business really are interesting just as marketing and branding. 
It's fascinating how brands are developed and what the philosophy after the
brands is. 

"Brandlife" written by Andrej Drapal really has very useful information, 
perhaps sometimes a little too much information.
However it's written clearly and very structured, which I liked.

I certainly would recommend "Brandlife" to professionals such as managers
and marketers. This work also is important for students. 

I was doubting to give a four star or a five star rating. But as it's about 
doubting, I'll give it a five star rating. 

The author

Andrej Drapal is a philosopher, a journalist, an editor, a theatre producer in the
largest cultural center in Slovenia. He also is a PR Business consultant and partner
in the largest Slovenian consultancy, founder of lobby profession in Slovenia and...
Andrej created Standard Branding Model in 2001. He is on Twitter: 


I received an advance copy for free from Booktasters and I'm leaving this review
voluntarily. Thank you for giving me this excellent reading chance! 

Source picture: Book Cover