maandag 26 december 2022

In The Image of Man

 A very nice but quirky novel


Would you know if a small god paid you a visit?

Would you trust in the least of miracles or believe in the messages
that appear out of the blue on your computer screen?
What would it take to make you believe?

My Review

This book is ideal to read during winter months, while it's raining,
cold and grey. 

In The Image of Man has a very nice story, a fantastic plot and not much 
but great characters. 

The author, Mark Long had my attention from the beginning till the end,
because I wanted to know what would happen to the main character. I 
hope there will be a sequel soon!

I recommend In  The Image of Man to all who like to read quirky but
interesting novels, which keep you busy from the beginning till the end.

I give with lots of pleasure a 5 star rating! 

The author

Mark Long is an English author living in the south of England. He is a long
time fan of SF and fantasy and loves reading as much as writing.

While relatively new to full length novels, Mark has long experience
writing poetry (but now feels much better) and short stories, some
of which were included in anthologies.

When not writing, Mark has a day job, teaches adults to play the Ukulele,
does sound engineering, videography and editing, and he is learning to
play the saxophone despite the requests of those with ears. He also looks
after four indolent and self-important dogs. He has heard that sleep is
pleasant and will try it if the coffee ever runs out.

The Book

In the Image of Man and Misjump are published by Orchid Imprint.
The Image of Man was published on Published November 29, 2018.
It contains 266 pages. 


I received this book via Booktasters. Thank you for this excellent
reading chance!

maandag 19 december 2022

Why We Are Coming

"Very informative"

My review

I received a free copy of  'Why We Are Coming' on October 27th. via Booktasters
and the author Yasin Kakande as well, in return of my honest review.

However it took a while for me, reading this complete masterwork it was really
interesting. The author also did a fantastic research as well. The theme: mass
migration is very actual too. 

As I said before, it took a while for reading, due to the facts, the figures and it
made me thinking. 

So if you are interested in history, Africa, slavery (now and in history),
colonialism, international politics, please do certainly read this fantastic book! 

Without any doubt I give 5 stars for this wonderful work! 

The author

👉 The author has a interesting website too, check this link. I certainly
will follow his website and his publications very well. 👀

maandag 5 december 2022

Finding purpose and meaning

Finding Purpose and Meaning:
Sally Survives Her Brief, Nasty Dance with Psychiatry

Interesting but difficult book

My review

To be honest, I haven't read the other part of the series, so it was
difficult to come into the book.

I read it twice because it was very interesting, and I wanted to 
understand the context.

I think this book could be compelling for everyone who likes to
know more about psychiatry.

It's a bit difficult to give "Finding Purpose and Meaning:
Sally Survives Her Brief, Nasty Dance with Psychiatry" a proper
rating. However due to the interesting story, I give a 4 star rating.


I want to thank booktasters for providing me a free copy in 
return for an honest review, which I did.