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Author in the picture blogpost: Susan J. Witt

Recently, I read and reviewed the book Energy of Love from Susan J Witt
 which I really liked (check my review on this link). 

I felt immediately that this was not just one of the self-help books. So, I became
curious to know the author Susan J. Witt better. That’s why I asked you if you
wanted to participate in a new Author in the picture blogpost. Luckily you said yes.
So, here are the questions.

The Questions

Who is Susan J Witt?

My story is not dramatic, and I did not have a near death experience that created a
great awakening for me, but instead my story is much like what others go through
as life happens to them.

At the age of 16 years old I became a Christian and proclaimed Jesus Christ as my
Lord and Saviour. I later married and devoted my life to raising two beautiful children.
We raised our children as Lutheran and for 16 years I was committed to being
the best mom possible.

It all started to fall apart when my youngest received his driver’s license.   
It happened over night that I was no longer needed as a mother. This took me
like a storm and left a big hole in my heart. I did not know who Susan was anymore
and after 16 years I had to find myself.

After a few years of wallowing in these thoughts my life took a drastic down-turn
of depression and self-hate. I started to believe I was a horrible person, and my
marriage was almost over. One day my husband introduced me to Finerminds
by Brian Johnson. 

This was a daily email subscription of self-empowered material and my first
exposure to the power of our thoughts. Finerminds introduced me to an array of
books on self-help and that’s when it turned into years of being consumed by
learning all areas of self-help and self-empowerment. During this 5-year
period I learned Yoga, Meditation, Law of Attraction, many areas of healing
energy, crystal energy, oracle card readings, and I became a Reiki Master.
All of this brought me out of depression and gave me self-empowerment
to make changes, but it did not make me a happy person. My life was
 so absorbed in learning that it took over my life completely.

One day in April 2014 everything changed. I was doing what I always did
at that time, which was reading more material on my computer, when suddenly
a very loud interruptive voice said to me, “SELF-LOVE”. With these simple
two words I was downloaded with a knowledge and knowing that Self-Love
was the true key to happiness. Suddenly I just knew that all the information
for years that I was consuming was truly meant for a greater purpose and
that God finally gave me the answer of Self-Love AND my life mission!

It was easy for me to know what I needed to do because I had years of
learning and experience in self-help. God made it easy for me to link all
of it to Self-Love. I was going to help millions of people realize this too
by writing an actual how-to program to self-empower and self-love.
But what others have NEVER done in all that I have read, I was going to
tell it quite differently. I was going to plant the seed of LOVE and show
people how Love is connected to all self-help, Law of Attraction,
Quantum theories, and most importantly how Love is who we
really are at the deepest spiritual level!

A year later I created a book called Energy of Love, A How-To Program
to Self-Empowerment and Self-Love. This was not just a program but a
complete learning experience from the ground up. Non-religious and extremely
easy to read and understand for all levels. The first half of Energy of Love is
the learning, and the 2nd half is the how-to. The detail and flow of how
Energy of Love connects the dots to link God with Science is mastery.
I can say this because it was God that sat with me during every second
of writing this profound book. Energy of Love was changed a few times
as I added and edited it to make it even more complete and it was
published in March of 2018.

In 2020 another life changing event happened to me. I received the 2020
Next Generation Indie Book Award. This is proclaimed the largest international book
award program for indie writers and Energy of Love place as a finalist in
the Self-Help Category!

Today I have a large social media following on all platforms, and I use this to
continue daily to spread the message of Self-Love and my book Energy of Love. 
I have started another book that is presently unnamed. This book will be the
next level of human after Self-Love and that is learning to live in the energy
and consciousness of Unconditional Love. God speaks to me when I write,
and this book is not ready for humanity right now because there is so much
healing to be done first and especially cultivating Self-Love. I have no timeframe
for this new book but write as God gives me the messages and know it will be
ready when the human is ready.

Can you say something more about your book(s)?

Energy of Love is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble website.
It is offered in Paperback, Hardcover and E-book. It is important to point out
that Energy of Love is a life changing program that has many thought
provoking concepts and ideas in every chapter. This book is not meant to be
read in a weekend, but to be consumed slowly and let each piece sit with
your own beliefs. As I explain in the book the power of change can only
come from YOU. I give several website references throughout the
chapters so you can stop and do your own research. Energy of Love
plants seeds for you to research. I can give you several examples,
but it is your own research that gains the strength and empowerment
to make real life changes!

On your site is mentioned that you are a Reiki Master.
Can you tell us what Reiki is? And how it can help people?

Reiki is an immensely powerful healing modality that I channel from the
Divine Source of Love. I believe Reiki is one of the most powerful sources of
“hands-on” healing because it does not come from me, but from God.
The healing energy is channelled through my hands, to the person receiving
the healing. I can focus on a specific emotional or physical issue, or we can
simply ask for peace to be delivered in the session. Reiki is for everyone
and a beautiful peaceful healing energy. I have seen profound healing
in the years of administering Reiki!  Distance Reiki is a way you can channel
the healing to someone in another location, and I have found this to be just
as beneficial as if the person were in the same room!  For first-time clients
I always give a free 20-minute Distance Reiki session so they can
receive a taste of its power.

Do you do other things besides writing and Reiki?

I also do Oracle card readings. This is not like Tarot readings, but it is
messages coming in from your Angels or any kind of spiritual being.
Oracle readings help people to communicate with the heavenly beings
that are assigned to help us in this human life. The readings can be very
general, or you can ask for specific guidance on an issue. I want to make
it clear that my readings do not for-tell the future. The future changes
every second based on your thoughts and feelings, so the reading can help
you to see the direction you are going, and it is especially helpful
to have awareness of your own energy at the moment of the reading.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from an inner knowing when I get into a place of quiet and
peace. We all have gifts that surface when we can quiet the mind. My gift is Clair
cognizance, which is “the ability of a person to acquire psychic knowledge
without knowing how or why they knew it”.  I sometimes get revelations
or downloads of information when I write, read, (like the day in April 2014),
or even driving. Mostly when I start writing the words start flowing and the
knowledge and power come out of me.

I have a daily meditation practice that I am very faithful to and more
than likely addicted! I have often thought about teaching meditation
because it is so important to the mind, body, and soul.
I offer a free 32-minute meditation on my website so please check that out!

Another daily practice is staying away from ego-based thoughts (separation and fear).
I constantly monitor my thoughts through self-awareness so I can work on being in
the highest level of consciousness. My goals are to try and always stay in the energy of love.

On my social media I love sharing other peoples’ work and their spiritual guidance.
Much of what I share on social media are who I follow and get my spiritual
guidance and inspiration.

Do you plan things in life or is it more going with the flow?

I feel it is important to do both. By knowing and living in your authentic truth,
you can set the correct frequency and vibrational match to the future of
your dreams. Going with the flow is getting out of your own way and
allowing the Universe to bring you naturally what you desire.
I always say that even if you do not know what you desire just focus on
the energy of love, because then you cannot get it wrong!

What is your most important aim in life?

Helping millions to awaken to self-love and cultivate living a life of
being your authentic self. This mission will be with me until I leave this Earth!

Do you sport or do you follow a health routine?

Over the years I have been mindful about my body, and I practice a diet
that is healthy and works for me. From my spiritual perspective it is
important to eat and exercise according to your own physical needs.
This is very personal and specific for everyone, so I do not feel it is
right or important to give my routine. Your body speaks to you every second,
so listen to what it is telling you!

I like to listen to music all day. Do you prefer silence or music and which one?

I feel music can be so inspirational and it can take you into just about any
kind of mood. I listen to music daily, and I also do several guided meditations
throughout the day.  There are many times when I crave silence too!

I always end with the same question:
What are your wishes / dreams for you and the world?

Well, if I could answer that honestly most people would not understand
the language. To keep it simple, I dream of living in a higher dimensional
world where the consciousness level is LOVE or above. A world that has no
conditions on love, and we can just give love freely. We do not judge and
that our love comes without attachments and expectations.  
Ah, that is my next book….

Do you want to know more about this fab author?

Check her website:

Thank you! 

Thank you very much for participating Susan! Wish you lots of success with your
coming book(s) and keep us updated! 

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