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Bookreview: Lakshmi and the River of Truth

 A beautiful fairytale for adults that makes you think


“Find the River of Truth,” said Virtuous Liar. Heeding his admonition, Lakshmi
packed a few provisions, bid farewell to her friends from The Book of Bob, climbed
into her little boat, and “much like a more illustrious literary character in a more
greatly acclaimed sequel, Lakshmi Jackson lit out.”

Join Lakshmi on her epic quest as she checks into the Hospital for the
Ironically Challenged; sleeps in Metaphor Hotel; encounters upside-down
people in an upside-down world; and is befriended by a very special talking dog.

My Review

From the beginning I liked the layout very much, the style continued during the 
whole story.

I also enjoyed the rather small chapters and the way they were built up. The story
itself was very thoughtful and I learned interesting things by reading this
fairytale for adults. The author has an humorous and a fluent writing style.

I would recommend this book to all who like to read the deeper, interesting

With lots of pleasure I want to give a five star rating for this beautiful book.

The author

Lakshmi and the River of Truth is written by Paul Chasman. I hope more books
of him will follow!

Paul Chasman is a lifelong guitarist and composer with 20 albums to his credit. 
Shortly after George W. Bush “liberated” Iraq, Paul began writing
“Letters of Advice and Constructive Criticism to the Famous, the Infamous,
and the Current Administration” under the alias of Carl Estrada.  

The morning after the 2004 presidential election, The Book of Bob was
revealed to Paul and took form as a novel tackling the taboo issues of politics,
religion, and talking dogs.  Lakshmi and the River of Truth is the long-awaited
sequel to The Book of Bob.  It also features a talking dog.

Paul Chasman lives in an undisclosed location with his adored wife,
Anna, two cats, and two dogs, both of whom talk, although not in English.

More about Paul Chasman on his site:


Booktasters has connected me with Paul Chasman, to receive a free copy of
his latest book in return of my honest review. Thank you so much for this
beautiful reading chance! 

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