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Bookreview: LMF

What a fantastic book!


LMF is a work of historical fiction set against one of Britain’s most
controversial campaigns, the RAF night bomber offensive. Its central characters
are a pilot suffering combat fatigue and desperate to complete the last mission of his
tour so he can rest and recover, his navigator, a Quaker struggling to reconcile his
beliefs with the morality of his task, and an Australian engineer whose wife is dying
of cancer.The novel covers a 24 hour period in January 1944, exploring the events
of a mission through the eyes of a single crew of seven men.

My Review

What a fantastic book! I really enjoyed the books of Malcolm Havard due to
his writing style and the characters. I also liked the book cover. For this story,
the author did his research very well! And he had an eye for details! I wanted 
to know the end. 

I will recommend this book to all who like to read about historical stories and
especially about World War II.

I want to give with lots of pleasure a 5 star rating for this fantastic book!

The author

Malcolm started writing fiction around 10 years ago, self-publishing
three novels through Amazon including a mountaineering thriller,
The Last Mountain, which has had more than 10,000 downloads.
He also has two books published by a small publisher, including a
collection of WW1 stories which topped the Amazon anthology best-sellers
list at Christmas 2014.

His short stories have done well in a number of competitions, including
runner-up placings for those run by Henshaw Press and the
Mere Literary Festival.

Having written in several genres early in his career, Malcolm has now
settled into writing historical fiction.

This includes LMF, a WW2 novel set during the RAFs controversial
night bombing campaign, Leviathan, a novella about a young, frightened
pilot hunting Zeppelins in the night during WW1, The Neutral Zone,
a collection of short stories, and Eleven Days, a novel set around the
events of 'Bloody April'. 1917.


I really want to thank Booktasters and the author for providing me a free
copy in return of my honest review. Thank you for this fantastic reading 

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