woensdag 4 mei 2022

Kat the Dog: The remarkable tale of a rescued Spanish water dog

There only are a few books, which really touched me, 
Kat the dog is one of them.

Kat the Dog: The remarkable tale of a
rescued Spanish water dog

written by Alyson Sheldrake


A captivating and emotional story of survival and second chances.

Escaping from a wretched existence on a rundown farm, a young Spanish
water dog goes on the quest of a lifetime, in search of a family to love
her and a place to call home.

Follow Kat the Dog as she tells her heart-warming and uplifting story.
The little dog with a big heart who journeyed through fear and starvation
to find her forever home.

My review

What a wonderful tale!

I read it in one time from the beginning till the end (never happened
before with a book).

It's a very emotional story, excellent fluently written and the author
captured the character of Kat the Dog very well. I really enjoyed it much!

Without any doubt I recommend this to all animal lovers and I hope
Kat the Dog will receive many stars, likes and hugs!

I give this amazing tale a 5 star rating!

The author

In 2021 author, Alyson Sheldrake was a guest on this blog. It was an 
honour to "get to know" her a bit more.

See this link

We Love Memoirs

I was introduced to Alyson Sheldrake via The We Love Memoirs group
on Facebook. This really is the most wonderful and friendliest group on
Facebook. They're on Twitter too.

Source pictures: Alyson Sheldrake 

2 opmerkingen:

  1. A lovely review from you, Kathleen. Kat has captured many hearts :)

  2. It was a very, very touching story and memoir as well. I enjoyed it very much!