vrijdag 28 oktober 2022

The Book: Murder City - review

 a lot of suspense

My Review

I enjoyed reading the book Murder City written by Dan Martin very much.
From the book cover, the location of the story, the characters and the story
itself, everything was well thought and well written.

I'm not sure this is a young adult book due to some violent scenes. However
it's a wonderful mystery with lots of suspense.

I recommend the book to everyone who likes to read an exciting story. 

Of course, I give without any doubt a 5 star rating for this fantastic writing.

It's always nice to get to know the author of the book a bit better.
That's the short biography of Dan Martin. 

About the author

Dan Martin provides novels and short stories that feature complex
characters and archetypes that will resonate with readers from a
wide back ground of interests.

Wilderness settings are frequently featured in Dan's work. They are
places he has known and terrain he has explored. He grew up in a
family of guides and outfitters in Northern Alberta and worked several
years as a field officer with Alberta Forestry Lands and Wildlife.

Dan is a semi-retired psychotherapist. Characters in his novels are
often a projection of personalities he has known during many years
of counselling offenders, people with personality disorders, victims
of abuse and oppression, or simply those dealing with life
adjustment issues.

Novels and short stories are featured on 

Thank you very much for this excellent reading chance Booktasters and
the author as well. All they wanted is my honest review, which I did. 

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