Wednesday 10 February 2021

Author in the picture: Carolyn M. Bowen

Twitter is a fantastic place to meet and chat to fantastic authors such as 
Carolyn M.Bowen. After reviewing her thriller: One (see on this link), I
absolutely wanted to read more books from her. I also already knew 
from the beginning that I would write an Author in the picture blogpost
about her. 

So, enjoy the author in the picture blogpost of the briliant author:
Carolyn M. Bowen. 

Author in the picture: Meet Carolyn M. Bowen

How did you start writing? Did you always want to become an author?

Thanks for asking. I knew I was a writer from an early age. My first short story
was published when I was fourteen. I've continued writing and studying the
craft over the years to become skilled doing something I love. It's a never-ending
process of reflection and discipline to produce new novels.

Do you have other work besides writing? Or did you do other work before
you started writing?

 I am a full-time writer and life-long learner about the art and craft of producing
quality books.


Which is your favorite type of weather for writing and why?

I love all the seasons in the year. The burst of creative energy
I experience fits the mood for the settings I create.


Which is your favorite place on earth and why?

My favorite place is the beach, specifically the beaches of NW Florida.
The crystal white sand and the pale turquoise gulf is a great place to relax
and recharge mentally and physically. The soothing movement of the waves
tapping the shoreline in mesmerizing harmony is therapeutic.

I've found that whether people live there full time or are just visiting, they
seem to have a different way of going about their day when proximity to
the ocean is a variable. For me, I like my toes in the water.


I've read some wonderful thrillers of yours. Do you like/write other
genres too?

I mostly write mystery-thrillers. However, I've written a historical romance novel,
Cross-Ties, and a personal development book, Cross-stepping Your Way to Success.


Do you prefer to write alone or in company?

 I prefer to write alone in a quiet preferably scenic location.


Do you have a fixed daily writing schedule?

 Yes, I write daily. I get up when my tuxedo cat [Tooker] feels the need to eat,
which ranges from 4 to 5 A.M. He sits on my arms as I go through my morning
ritual of checking social media, then he sulks when I have to shoo him away as
I work on my novels.


Where do you get your inspiration from besides traveling?

Travel is my muse but with the pandemic I've been sidelined.
I'm interested in world affairs particularly those with the potential
to destroy mankind like climate change.


Do you like to listen to music or watch television while working?

 You could hear the crickets chirping with the silence I find works best
for me. I enjoy being alone with my thoughts during the writing process.


What are your plans and wishes for 2021 and the nearby future?

 I'd love to complete a new mystery-thriller series in the near future.
I'm excited about what comes next!

Thank you!

Thank you very much for particpating in these questions and answers,
Carolyn. It is so nice to meet you and your books!

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